samedi, mars 08, 2008

تانموت على العيالات

عارف بلي شي إناث ما تيحملوش ثمانية مارس
تخيلو معايا العالم ما فيهش الاناث
فيه غير
بلوزمان وولد البلاد والطاهر وايوب ومحماد مول الحانوت وبوجمعة بياع الزريعة
هذي مناسبة باش نكول ليكم
راه تاتحمقوني
تاتساليو معايا
بالضحكات ديالكم
بالمشيات ديالكم
بالاستدارات ديالكم
بالريحة ديالكم
بالكتبة ديالكم
بالعياقة ديالكم
الله اخليكم لينا

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Anonyme a dit…

Rah kat7ma9ounii,
tatsaliw m3aayaa....

Allah ykoun m3aak yaa mahboul.
Allah yechaafik yaa mridh!(lol)


SABA a dit…

loool, kelle belle declaration ;)

Ahmed a dit…

oukoukouuuukk .. maymkne ga3 ntkhyele :D
wa mziana 3ndek had déclaration lol

Mohamed El Kortbi a dit…

Allah ykoune fi 3awnek !!!

marrokia a dit…

ach ghadi ngole lik
b9iti fia wallah

Mehdi a dit…

Aalik Bjwaj à chef.

Loula la nomade a dit…

J'ai posté hier un vidéo en pensant à toi. Enjoy.

hmida a dit…

et si tu mettais en musique cette déclaration....çà vaut bien "when a men loves a weman"

calypso a dit…

merci bcp pour cette merveilleuse déclaration, au moins vous avez le courage de la dire, chapeau bas, soyer sûr que presque tous les hommes ont le même sentiment mais n'osent pas dire la vérité !!!! bravoooo

Anonyme a dit…

Ahya Bluesman!rak akhouya 7aaltek kat9atta3 9alb al 3ediaane.
Maa 3raft waach nandeb , aw ncharreg 7naaki 3laa hbaalek we moucebtek m3a al jinsi llatiif -
Rak b9iti fiya bezzaaf.We haa houwa al 7al llii wjedtou liik :
Baghi ned3ii m3ak : siir a oueld annasse yaa Bluesman , Llaah yezewjek we ya3teek chi mra zouina bezzaaf katgoul lil9amar " Dhwii aw nadhwii anaa fi blacetek" , we
tab9aa khaida fiik liil we nhaar we tnaa3ssek 3laa rjel wa7da (Dormir sur un seul pied est une metaphore) 7atta tehaddek fi 3dhaamek we tabdaa tatleb salla bila 3ineb.Amen!!
Innahou mouijibou ddou3aa-e- LOL

Mohamed El Kortbi a dit…

amiiiiiiiiiiiine !!!! hahahhah

Anonyme a dit…

Excuse-moi mon cher Bluesman de revenir une autre fois sur ton etat emotionnel qui m'inquiete selon ta confession reproduite ci-apres :

راه تاتحمقوني>>
>>تاتساليو معايا

Ahya ssi Bluesman Al 7anine,
Anta rajoul latiif we meskiine.
Khalliti la3yaalaat y'dhoro biik we ylaaboo biik 7atta habblouk we khallawek bila 39el, we bditi tcharchar (crier) bissi7rihim al fattaan 3laa koulli chachat computer fil 3aalam. Hadh chii llii katdiir raah maa chii
Raha baayna 3liik anta mas7our .
Ma taghfal 3alaa raassek.
Ewa siir daba daba 3and chii fkih yefta7liik hadh ss'7our llii sabek fi 3a9lek . Chouf chii fkih llii kayjammad l'maa fii
la9raa3i,- 3andaak tamchii and dhaak lafkih llii kaylou7
la9raa3ii fi lab7ar, (une bouteille jetee a la mer)- Ba3ad menhoum,hadhouk fihoum al 3afaarit lakbaar al waa3riin bezzaf(les genies de la bouteille).LOOOL

H-F-blady a dit…

chaft ktarou les commentaires anonyme
ahyawine ach hadachi ?

Anonyme a dit…

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Anonyme a dit…

@ h-f-Blady,

I noticed you don't allow anonymous people to write on your defunct blog.Don't you think this
prohibition is the cause of your site collapse?
What's wrong with anonymous comments?
Why do you pay more attention to
people's ID than to their opinions?
Why? In my eyes this requirement
makes you suspicious like a bergag.
Where do you see the crime?
Why do you want to forbid everywhere rules that are accepted
by the netiquette and other blogs 'operators?
You should respect the will and the privacy of commentators on the net and be less inquisitive about their ID.yOU'RE ACTING LIKE A
disciplinarian dictator cos generalizing your own dESPICAPLErules and expecting everyone to adhere to them is just tyrannical.
Wake up bro! Allow human beings to Do what they want and not what you want. About your blog, I've never heard about it, it looks like it is abandoned, and that's good for everyone. God always punishes tyrants.
Anonymous and proud of it.

Anonyme a dit…

See Here

H-F-blady a dit…

@Anonyme :)
is that comment really directed to me?
first of all, i was just joking with bluesman and teasing him As i always used to do . my comment isn't for ya
2. I allow anonymous comments in my DEFUNCT BLOG , i welcome them and i like them. plz put your glasses

3. About my blog , thnx for the complement. im taking your point of view in consideration


@Bluesman :)
wahdar nta walla 3ajbak l7al ;)

Anonyme a dit…

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

une marocaine a dit…

Merciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii En retard mais merciiiiiiiii :)

Anonyme a dit…

pourquoi pas:)